Career assessment tests are primarily designed to help people discover their skills, aptitudes, talents and interests that help them in discovering new careers.

Career counseling process consists of 5 major steps namely initiation, exploration, decision-making, preparation, and implementation. The time to complete this process varies according to situations.

Career counseling plays an important role in choosing your career. Taking into consideration a number of facts and knowledge, career counseling helps you take more defined decisions.

This is the question most students worry about, but with our great experts it would be an ease for students to take an informed decision.

We, at Aasha believe in best results. We provide one on one counseling sessions for better understanding of the problems. And our focused and determined experts follow proper steps of counseling.

Our experts will get back to you as soon as we varify your payment.

Making decisions is an ongoing process starting from a student to an adult. And we here provide counseling for people from each and every age group. So no matter how old you are or what problems you’re facing, we would serve our best to you.

Career guidence is the guidence given to an individual to identify their skills, attitudes, talents and interests. It also focuses on identifying various career options and then narrow them to choose the best suitable option.

Parents play an important role in life of children. Researchs have also shown that the parents who have shown interest in study and decisions of their child are more likely to create a successful adult. Children feel more confident about their decisions when they have parental support.

We completely understand the role of parents in taking the decisions for their child. We encourage the parents to take interest in career counseling and take the best decision for future of their children.