Career Counselling For 10th-12th Class

Generalized Counseling

In this module we try to understand the basic requirement of a client/student, and help them with the basic, most simple solutions that can make the situation a bit more comfortable and easy to adapt for the student.

Session Duration: 30 minutes (One on One session)

Fees: INR 499/-*

Specialized Problematic Solution Counseling

It is one of a kind session, where we thoroughly understand and figure out the detailed problem of a student, and help them to tackle that out with our expert guidance. Also we help them on how to implement the solutions for better results.

Session Duration: 45 minutes (One on One session)

Fees: INR 599/-*

Know Yourself

A set of 5 basic aptitude, personality, and character Assessment tinformed career decisions and timely steps, to achieve higher success and knowledge.

Type: One Time Assessment Package

Fees: INR 799/-*

Stream/Subject/Course Selection

In this module we assess the basic capabilities of a student and his interest, through our one of a kind Personality assessment tests, and help the child, to choose for his subjects and stream, to make the best out of themselves.

Session Duration: 30 minutes (One on One session)

Fees: INR 699/-*

College Selection

In this module we help the child to successfully achieve the dream college, one aims for, as well as proper guidance is provided to reach out the best opportunity based on the individual’s capabilities and skills. A proper step to step set layout plan is provided to accomplish the dream placement or position for the child.

Session Duration: 30 minutes (One on One session)

Fees: INR 699/-*

Vacation Planning

 In this module, we help the student/ client in planning their vacations. We will guide about the excursion, vocational courses, art related courses, sports workshops which will be done on the basis of child’s interest and potentials.

Session Duration: 30 minutes (One on One session)

Fees: INR 399/-*

Academic Stress Buster

In this module the students/clients will receive counseling if they are facing study related pressure. The Counselors will tell the ways to overcome such pressure, your entire situation will be assessed by our own curated tests basis on which, we will provide you simple, easy to do, practical solutions to overcome the issues.

Session Duration:  30 minutes (One on one session)

Fees: INR 699/-*

Entrance Exam

A complete package of knowledge and guidance is provided in order to achieve the best score in all competitive exams for respective entrance in the selected college. Tips and Tricks along with specific individual attention to the child is taken care of along with overall guidance.

Session Duration: 30 minutes (One on One session)

Fees: INR 699/-*

Skill Development & Profile Builder

This is a special program where we guide the individual to refine and develop one-self to become above all. Here we assist the individual to uplift oneself from the particular batch he/she is competing with, and to grow their chances of attaining a sure-shot future, one aims for.

Session Duration: 30 minutes (One on One session)

Fees: INR 799/-*

अasha Two

A complete set inclusive of all the modules in this category, responsible for overall growth and development of a child bearing the potential to grow and succeed in life.

Fees: INR 3999/-*

Your Buddy

Buddy guides you every now and then throughout the annual session. This personal assistance from our one of the experts becomes a major part of your journey, helps you in taking informed career and academic related decisions. Your personal assistance On-The-Go.

Type: Annual Subscription

Fees: INR 4999/-*